The Bewley family is at the heart of the operation, with Aaron supported not only by his father Jonathan’s long and respected experience, but also by his mother Kate’s creative flair with her floristry, and his wife Amber’s passion for a diverse choice of options, both traditional and eco-friendly, so that each family has the opportunity to have a bespoke service of their choosing. They are proud to be working with such a highly experienced and dedicated team to deliver bespoke services to their local communities.

The care and kindness offered by this highly respected local family and team is often described as similar to a friend at a time of need, rather than a funeral service.

  • Aaron - Director

    Aaron - Director

    Aaron joined the the company in 2001 and began in the role of supporting the planning and coordination of funerals, learning the trade skills and traditions from his father. Since 2013, he has taken up a more leading role in the business and has devoted himself to working closely with each family and individual client, to ensure their wishes and needs are met in the best possible way, offering more environmentally friendly options also.

    Aaron and his team have been honoured to win accolades at the Good Funeral Awards 2017, Chippenham Business Awards 2018 & 2019, the Wiltshire Business Awards 2018, Wiltshire Life Awards 2019 and at the Funeral Planner of the Year Awards in 2018 & 2019.

  • Jonathon - Director

    Jonathon - Director

    Jonathon has been in the funeral profession for over 35 years, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the trade and importantly the local communities he has served In Wiltshire during that period.

    Though Jonathon has taken a more 'semi retired' role in the last few years, he still remains a key role in the business ensuring quality standards remain high as expected from the families who seek their services.

  • Kate - Director

    Kate - Director

    Kate has over 30 years experience in floristry. She gained her professional qualifications from Lackham college and quickly followed this by opening and managing her own floristry business. Kate now commits her expertise to creating floral tributes arranged to convey the thoughts of our families.

    Her conscientiousness together with her natural feel for design creates the most beautiful and spectacular floral arrangements on request.

  • Amber - Business Manager

    Amber - Business Manager

    Amber's work history has always evolved around providing fantastic customer services. Over the years she has keenly developed her skills and experience in business, staff management, procurement and facilities management, and so it made sense to join her husband and funeral director, Aaron Bewley, at the family firm as business manager in 2014.

    Part of her role here is to develop and market the products and services of the business so that families are aware of the various contemporary, traditional and eco funeral options that are inclusive and accessible to anyone.

  • Angela - Funeral Director

    Angela - Funeral Director

    Angela’s breadth of knowledge gained from working for a large corporate funeral directors for seven years previously in Bristol, along with her attention to detail has strengthened and built on the high quality customer services of the organisation.

    Since joining the team in November 2016, she now enjoys being able to provide the consistency of high quality services from the moment she first meets the family when arranging the funeral, throughout when coordinating the bespoke services required, right through to being there on the day of the funeral to support the family.

  • James - Funeral Director & Operative

    James - Funeral Director & Operative

    James has a long history of providing exceptional customer services which makes him a highly valued member of the team. He is incredibly conscientious and sensitive about how he looks after the families and their loved ones who have come into our care, ensuring it is of the highest standards.

    We are really glad that James joined our team in September 2017 to deliver one of the most important roles in our company.

  • Sally - Funeral Director

    Sally - Funeral Director

    Sally brings extensive experience in funeral directing and administration from previously working for a corporate funeral directors for several years in Wiltshire. She has a tenacious, proactive but also sensitive approach making her successful in all she sets out to do.

    Since September 2019 when she joined the team, we have seen first hand her professional and friendly manner combined with the highest level of customer service.

  • Gemma - Funeral & Donations Assistant

    Gemma - Funeral & Donations Assistant

    Gemma's main role is providing support to Aaron, Angela and Sally in the arrangement and coordination of funerals. She will often be the first point of contact and is fully focused on providing an excellent service to individuals and families at their time of need.

    She also has considerable experience of working in the charity and fundraising sector before joining the team in November 2017, making her the ideal person to focus on the collection of donations that are received in memory of the deceased, ensuring importantly that donations are acknowledged and sent on to the relevant charities promptly.

  • Bearers


    No funeral directors can be truly successful without a great team. Led by Aaron, we have a small team of gentlemen who provide a sensitive and respectful service to the families on the day of the funeral. Many have worked with Aaron and Jonathon Bewley for many years and are loyal and dedicated and provide mentoring support to the newer members of the team.

  • Corsham

    57a Pickwick Road, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9BS

    01249 713 134

  • Melksham

    26a Church Street, Melksham Wiltshire, SN12 6LS

    01225 708 736

  • Chippenham

    3b New Road, Chippenham Wiltshire, SN15 1EJ

    01249 660 554

Awards & Memberships

  • SAIF - Independent Funeral Directors
  • Fair Funerals
  • Golden Charter
  • Butterfly Conservation Corporate Member
  • 2017 Good Funeral Awards Winner
  • 2018 Chippenham Bid Business Awards Winner
  • 2018 Wiltshire Business Award Winner
  • 2018 Funeral Planner Of The Year
  • Funeral Planner of the Year 2019
  • 2020 Good Funeral Guide